The Fierce Warrior and a New Story

The third installment in the Jett Landry Saga, The Fierce Warrior, is coming soon. I’m hoping for a release sometime this summer. This book is the exciting finale of the first Jett Landry trilogy and opens the door for more stories from the Port City Universe. I’m excited about this book. There are some emotional moments, some exciting sequences and a lot of story to tell about our heroes and villains in Port City. I’m looking forward to getting it to you. I’m still in the revision process and soon I’ll send on to the Beta Readers and Editor while Micky, the cover artist, and I work on an exciting cover.

Meanwhile, I started the next phase of the Jett Landry Saga. A new series that takes place after “The Fierce Warrior.” It’s a new beginning, of sorts, for Jett and her friends. It’s “Book-Noir,” mystery and intrigue with colorful characters and strange, mysterious settings.

Stay tuned to The Jett Landry Saga. A lot of cool stuff is coming your way!

Stephan Oak

Here is a link to the series page on Amazon for The Jett Landry Saga. You can read for free on Kindle Unlimited, download the eBook or order paperbacks.

The Jett Landry Saga (2 book series) Kindle Edition (

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