About Stephan Oak

19905233_10154622616361120_8282247893123138344_nStephan Oak lives in fictional Port City, Texas. He is the author of the Jett Landry series. Jett Landry: The Fuse is currently available on Amazon and Jett Landry: Urban Legend is coming soon. He is also a musician. He plays flamenco and Spanish guitar as well as his unique combination of music, comedy and weirdness. You can catch him at local venues from time to time, singing, playing, rapping and telling jokes. Stephan lives in a small, modest home with a cat named, Jett, who is about to jump on to the table and walk all over the keyboard of the lapto… aldkfjdpdidn dfdsfdsfdsfd “Damnit Jett!!”  alskdjfapioeradfa dfpdafdfdapiradf fdf…

And yes, Stephan named Jett Landry after the cat.