Jett Landry: The Fuse – Release Date is 2/29/20! Pre-order now on Amazon!

It’s finally here! The first installment in the Jett Landry Saga, The Fuse, is available for pre-order. If you order today, it will download onto your Kindle Reader Saturday, February 29th.  For now, it’s available as an e-book only, but later we will release it in print format. The Fuse is the first in a three book series about the character of Jett Landry. It’s written under my pen name: Stephan Oak.

The Fuse is the story of a lonely teenage girl; the only daughter of Private Detective Markus Jackson. While Jackson is going after the city’s elite, finding missing persons and tackling corruption and human trafficking, his daughter, Jett, is dealing with bullies in high school. Jett, being biracial, is the target of a group of kids that seem bent on forcing her to drop out of school. Is there a connection between their behavior and the case her father is working on? The Fuse is both a coming of age story and the origin story of the next generation of Pulp Fiction characters.

This has been a long time coming. As a singer/songwriter who delved into written/spoken word, this is my first published novel. It has been through many changes, multiple edits and a lot of work, stress and frustration. In the beginning it was my goal to write a pulp novel. It started with the prologue, which I originally wrote years ago, admittedly for something unique to read at a Spoken Word event. I wrote it in a spiral notebook while sitting at a bar, drinking a glass of scotch and waiting to be called to the stage (which fits the whole noir thing).  I wanted to craft it into a story about the main character, but I didn’t want to rewrite the same story about the same characters I’ve read in detective and pulp novels already. So I waited until I had an idea for something different. That’s when it occurred to me to throw the detective in the prologue a curve he’d never expect and see how he reacts. Enter Jett, the daughter he didn’t know he had. At ten, her mother dies and he has to take custody and figure out how to be a father, while continuing to be the tough guy private detective everyone in Port City knows. The story evolved into being about the evolution of Jett, the daughter, and her journey and how her father influences her in many ways, both through his parenting and her own observations. Along the way there are other influences: Ashley Garcia, her dad’s business partner; Diana Jones, the attorney who employs her dad to work on cases. And there are bad guys such as Mike Krayton, local crooked politician. I like to think it’s taking a piece of classic Americana and bringing it into the next generation. So, give it a read and let me know what you think!