Coming Soon: Jett Landry – The Fuse

You may have noticed I took down all of the posts about Jett tonight (except for the original “The Fuse”).  You also may have noticed that I have not been very active on here lately. The reason for both is that for the last year I’ve been working on my first novel, entitled “Jett Landry: The Fuse.” The posts about the character of Jett have been edited and changed drastically for this novel so they are no longer relevant. The novel is about a teenaged girl, Jett, who moves to a fictional city to live with the father she hadn’t met before. Her father is a private investigator; a throwback to the old fashioned film noir type private eye archetype. While the father is working on a missing person/human trafficking case; his daughter is learning to deal with bullying at her high school. The catch is that the kids that bully her are the kids of some of the same people worried about her dad’s investigation. At it’s core this is the store of a shy, anxious kid and her father. It’s the first book in a three book series that establishes the character and arc of Jett Landry.  I’ll post more information about this project as I get closer to publishing.  Thanks!


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