Excerpt from Jett (Work in Progress)

Jett collected her books and started her walk to class. As she walked away from her locker, alone as usual, the tall, muscular boy walked by and bumped her, knocking her books from her hands, as he went by, laughing and talking to the attractive young blond girl who was hanging on his every word. “Asshole,” muttered Jett as he walked by laughing at her.
The boy stopped, turned around, and said, “What did you just say you little bitch?”
“Asshole. I said Asshole, referring to you. Because you’re an asshole,” Jett said back. Her heart pounded in her chest and she took a deep breath as she waited for him to respond.
“Fuck off whore,” the boy said as he turned around to walk away.
“No. . .You fuck off. . .whore,” Jett said loudly to his back. It got quiet in the hallway as the other kids stopped to watched, shocked.
“What did you just say, bitch?” the boy said as he turned and walked back towards Jett.
“I’m sorry. . You’re deaf and stupid. My mistake. First I called you an asshole and then I told YOU to fuck off. And I called you a whore. Because it applies to you a lot more than to me, logically. Any questions?”
“I don’t think you know what you’re saying. I think you owe me an apology. Or maybe I just kick your ass. And I don’t care if you’re a girl. No one, especially a little bitch like you, talks to me like that. No one. Got it, half breed?” Half breed was what they often called her in an attempt to embarrass her. She preferred the term Biracial, but she wasn’t going to let it get to her today.
“I’m not scared of you,” Jett said, matter of factly.
“I’m not scared of you. All these kids here, they’re scared of you. Me, I’m not. You don’t scare me. You’re stupid and weak.”
“I suppose you can back that up. Maybe you should be.”
“Because I’m gonnna kick your ass if you don’t shut up.”
“Kick my ass? You’ve never kicked an ass in your life. I heard about the game last weekend.”

“The game, what?”

              “The game.  You’re trying to start a fight with me, but didn’t you guys get your ass kicked enough at the game already?” She asked, smiling as she asked it.  She was feeling good now.  He was on the defensive.  She had him right where she wanted him.

              “Look babe,” another boy said, walking up beside her, “don’t start this.  He’ll fight you, and it’ll be bad for you if he does.  Just, back off.  Walk away and we’ll just call it even.”

              Jett ignored the interloper, looking directly at the first boy, “I’m not scared of you.  You stupid and weak.  You’re all talk.  You’re nothing to be scared of.”

              The other boy just stood there, confused.  First off, no kid talked to him like that; second, this was a girl talking to him like this.  He had to do something. 

              “Just. . shut the fuck up,” was all he could muster.

              “I’m not scared of you.  Or your friends.  And I’m tired of you messing with me.”

              “Shut up!” He said louder.

              “I’m not scared of you,” she said calmly, smiling now.

              “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

              “I’m not scared of you.”

              With that the boy walked towards her, chest out, face red and got in her space, doing his best to intimidate the girl.  “SHUT UP OR GET YOUR ASS KICKED!” he said.

              She calmly stared him down and said, quietly, “I’m not scared of you.”

              With that the boy put his hand on her chest and started to push her.  She stood her ground and leaned forward, with her legs set. “Get your hands off of me now.”

              “SHUT UP” the boy said.

              “If you don’t get your hands off of me by the time I count to three. . “

              “OR what?” the boy challenged her.

“One. .” and then the girl punched him hard in the mouth, putting all of her weight and momentum into it. Before he could react, she kicked him hard in the crotch. The boy lurched forward in pain. She grabbed his shirt and, with force, used his momentum to sling him to the ground. When he hit the ground the other boy jumped in, to defend his friend. She turned and punched him in the mouth too. He fell backwards more in shock than from the force of the punch and landed against the lockers. A random locker door swung open and hit him in the face as he stood there, stunned.
The girl then jumped on the boy on the ground, pinning him to the ground and hit him in the face and head over and over as all the other kids looked on in shock. , “Listen up fuckers,” she said to the friends of the boy that had gathered around to see the small girl beat up their friend, “the next time one of you fuckers thinks about fucking with me, remember what I did to your little bitch friend’s face here. And that goes for fucking with any of the kids in this school that you’ve been fucking with fucking fuckers.”
She then calmly got up as school security arrived, shocked at what they were seeing. “Did you do this?” One of the security guys said to her. “He started it,” Jett said back, as they escorted her to the principal’s office.